50+ Years Experience 

Family owned business


Why pay more?

After working closely with a company that manufactured products requiring mass amounts of these types of insulating tapes and products for over 16 years and realizing that substantial sums of money could be saved by sourcing the product ourselves versus using a "big box store" equivalent that had massive facilities and thousands of employees, Electric Motor Insulation was born. We are pleased to extend our reduced prices to others.  Our pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry and our customer service is second to none. We have the ability to reflect deep discounts to our customers because of our high efficiency and extremely low overhead. 

Is the quality the same?

Yes. We have testimonials from our number one customer that validates the quality of both the tensile, dialectric, and thermal strengths of the products that we sell. All materials are tested to IEEE standards.  If you take a look at our material specification sheets you'll see that our products are indeed identical to many of the large suppliers in this country - only you will not be paying nearly as much for the packaging, warehouse facilities, or labor.